QUESTION: When does Thunderbird get feature equality with Enigmail again?

ANSWER: Our built-in OpenPGP implementation is getting better and better with each release. 102 (out this June) will bring great improvements in the encrypted composition workflow and in key management. The usability of those areas will be equal, if not better than Enigmail, in 102 - with the objective to continue improving the feature each release.


This is your builtin OpenPGP implementation:
- Has Thunderbird with RNP ever been audited? By whom? When will it be again?
- Here it is written "SCA Extensions" - which is part of RNP - "enables OpenPGP to be used in compliance with SCA regulations within China"; does it have backdoors, or weaknesses, allowing Chinese authorities and maybe others to decrypt and read users' contents? In case: is this a threat for other users?

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