"Did you know there's someone in our company who's called 'The Void'?"

"Yeah, I know them. Works at helpdesk in IT."

"Where are they from? It's a weird name."

"They are literally The Void."

"What, the Eternal Abyss?"

"Yeah. Takes all the calls from people who just want to vent."
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E' curioso come ci siano delle persone che pensano che un gruppo segreto di ricconi controlli tutto invece del ben conosciuto gruppo di ricconi che controlla tutto.


Il presidente della Cop28 afferma che non c'è "scienza" dietro le richieste per l'eliminazione dei combustibili fossili.

Più di 100 Paesi sono già a favore di un'eliminazione dei combustibili fossili e il fatto che l'accordo finale della Cop28 non lo richieda o utilizzi un linguaggio più debole come "riduzione graduale" è una delle questioni più combattute al vertice e potrebbe essere la chiave del suo successo.


Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels.

More than 100 countries already support a phase-out of fossil fuels and whether the final Cop28 agreement calls for this or uses weaker language such as “phase-down” is one of the most fiercely fought issues at the summit and may be the key determinant of its success. Deep and rapid cuts are needed to bring fossil fuel emissions to zero and limit fast-worsening climate impacts.



Bertrand Piccard sostiene che molti termini sul clima possano impaurire le persone invece di ispirarle all'azione e propone un nuovo linguaggio che riformuli la situazione come un'opportunità, piuttosto che una crisi.

La proposta suggerisce di sostituire: "economia verde" con "economia pulita"; "costo" con "investimento"; "crisi" con "opportunità"; "problema" con "soluzione"; "sacrificio" con "vantaggio"; "posti di lavoro persi" con "nuove professioni".


Bertrand Piccard says many climate terms can numb people with fear instead of inspiring them into action, and proposes new language that will reframe our situation as an opportunity, rather than a crisis.

Draft proposal suggests swapping: “green economy” to “clean economy”; “cost” to “investment”; “crisis” to “opportunity”; “problem” to “solution”; “sacrifice” to “advantage”; “lost jobs” to “new professions”; "saving the planet” to “improving quality of life”.


One of the biggest Iceberg is on the loose.

The iceberg, known as A23a, split from the Antarctic’s Filchner Ice Shelf in 1986. But it became stuck to the ocean floor.

Weighing nearly a trillion metric tonnes, is now drifting quickly past the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, aided by strong winds and currents.

As it gains steam, the colossal iceberg will probably be launched into the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.


Most television series back in the 1960s (and until quite a bit later) were shot on 35mm film. Often the resolution of the original prints was very high, though on televisions of the era a great deal of this was lost when viewed.

But as those old films are transferred for HD video and streaming, much of the original resolution can be seen for the first time. In some cases the result is as simple as noticing all manner of skin imperfections on actors' faces that were invisible until the rise of HDTV.

More amusingly, there are cases where various documents, reports, or other written materials are briefly visible and would have been nothing but a blur until now.

I enjoy freezing these on a big screen and investigating what was actually written. In some cases, interestingly, the text is quite appropriate to the situation. In other cases, it's obviously what just randomly happened to be sitting around the shooting stage, which sometimes is quite amusing to read now.

OK, so I have strange hobbies.

We can only learn in freedom if the software we use is free. Your donation helps us bring free software to learning environments around the world. Read more: u.fsf.org/41e #LearnLibre

abandonware ought to be public domain

if your company made it and decided its no longer going to support it, the commons at least deserves a chance

fixes forced obselesence very effectively

Se inizio a fare gli origami di natale secondo voi è ancora troppo presto?

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Secondo comandamento: non nominare il nome di Dio invano.

Letteralmente la sacra romana chiesa: organizziamo sto apericristo yeeee


Historic agreement on #chatcontrol proposal: EU Parliament wants to remove chat control and safeguard secure encryption. 🔒

💪Let's keep pushing for strong privacy rights!👇

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