Do you want to know how G is closer to your back?
Set the your G-account 2-steps Verification to use a call to a landline number and press the button to get the verification code: your phone will ring INSTANTLY!!
Matrix is a movie.. this is real.
I wish you good luck and OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

Ogni tua azione, genera una conseguenza.
Pensaci bene, ogni giorno.
Ogni ora. In ogni singolo minuto.

We produce waste by avoid thinking | we delegate too much to technology | we have forgotten the difference between what we are and what they want us to believe we are | rejection and renounce can fight this back

Memero live as 1kPieces (octatrack on fire!!)

2019.24.08 koma f koepi Berlin

flaviu tilinca & notorische ruhestoerung / silnaye / beatxo / geoff da chef / 1kPieces / gor sky / steckdose 030 / Splattergeist / rrayen / r41nbow tra$h

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