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I read an article in the Globe and Mail just now that Greyshift, the phone cracking software used by cops, is getting bought by an investment fund that plans to merge it with Magnet, a tool used to analyze data on seized phones. The idea is to make an even eviler tool for extracting information from the devices of people who get arrested.

The article framed this as some kind of Canadian success story, since Magnet is based in waterloo and has one of the Blackberry guys on its board. They frame their software as being about preventing "cybercrime".

I've had the phones of people in my community get cracked (by Cellebrite) when they were arrested, and although this had no legal value (at the time Cellebrite couldnt get into Signal), it did mean the cops had all their personal photos, contacts, and notes. This allowed them to effectively harass this person, exacting extralegal punishment because they couldn't build their case.

Cracking phones is only about cybercrime if the fact that we all go around with computers in our pockets makes all crimes cyber. It is just a way of digging into the personal life of every random person who catches charges, just as routinely as taking fingerprints.

Il garantismo che abbandona lesto il corpo dei liberali quando si parla di Cospito

You're searching for medical supplies in the afterlife. The trader is the suspicious AI. The drives spin up again.

Stop murdering people and maybe you won't have to worry about righteous anger. #FTPFriday #FTP #ACAB

I went to bed with a 7 and woke up with a 10.

Forced upgrades should be illegal, Microsoft.

La mia risposta standard a chi propone le gabbie salariali.

E' vero che nel nord Italia la vita costa di più; tuttavia chiediamoci
se al sud ci sia la stessa qualità e quantità di: strade, ferrovie,
strutture scolastiche ed ospedaliere, centri sociali per anziani,
asili nido...penso che potrei continuare ma mi fermo.

Tutti queste mancanze sono costi nascosti, ma non per questo


aggiornamento di
Solidali con Libero e soprattutto con Bida rimarremo down per qualche minuto (spero)

*Why does your name for Humanity translate to 'bottle people'," the human envoy asked.
"We studied you pre-contact," said the Federation ambassador. "We saw your custom of putting a message in a bottle, hoping it will be found.'
"I don't follow."
"We found you thanks to Voyager."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

@GustavinoBevilacqua la stessa gag, al contrario, delle vacanze intelligenti di sordi, che al concerto di musica contemporanea alla cage, pensa che i musicisti stessero accordando gli strumenti

2730. Code Lifespan 

title text: Surely (no one/everyone) will (recognize how flexible and useful this architecture is/spend a huge amount of effort painstakingly preserving and updating this garbage I wrote in 20 minutes)


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