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L’agrobusiness e l’industria alimentare sono sistemi che hanno un impatto forte e negativo sul contesto ecologico, sul cambiamento climatico e sulla giustizia sociale.

La logica della massimizzazione della produzione e del profitto, e la standardizzazione tramite la chimica di erbicidi, pesticidi e fungicidi stanno inquinando i territori e i corpi di chi ci vive e lavora.

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#tourism is a predatory industry. People are findind that out in the worst manner


Tourism’s dark side: Are those who love Greece killing it?

> Greece’s population is shrinking, and tourism – its biggest economic success story – is making matters worse.

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The gender today is the smell of basement and sound of a vuvuzela.

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Today it's once again a day of countrywide protests against the inhumane conditions for retirees against under the Iran-regime,
with several of locations reporting participation in this edition of the often more than weekly protests that have been going on for several years, while the regime still refuses to inflation adjust pensions after several years during extreme inflation but instead splurged on drastically increasing the world infamous repression forces and further imperialist ventures.
Here are two example from today in Khuzestan, Arab-majority province held as southwestern Iran, as well as from Kermanshah, western Iran.

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The Orange Book 2
Come funziona ? E soprattutto, perché funziona in un determinato modo?
Orange Book 2:
un grimorio per creare e mantenere una rete di server per hacking e politica

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Este olivo de 2000 años de edad en Puglia, Italia, es llamado "El árbol pensante" por los lugareños

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Brexit, entitlement of older British citizens, response to Brexity musicans suddenly surprised at how hard touring is 

There's this whole generation of older Brexit voters who remembered travelling the world with ease on their British passports when they were younger, and assumed everything would revert to that.

From professional musicians to people who worked as au pairs, I spoke to so many of them who were convinced that travelling on a non-EU British passport in the 2020s would be just like it was in the 1960s and 1970s.

Absolutely oblivious to the fact that the status of Britain and its passport and its economic power are nothing like they were back then.

In the mid-60s, Britain still had numerous "colonial assets" (countries they'd nicked from the people who lived there, to those of us from said countries). The commonwealth had a surprising amount of sway.

And holy shit, if you were doing international travel of any kind, the conditions were wildly different. Security theater? No, darling, we're strictly Shakespearean.

I'm not old enough to have personal experience of any of this, but I have family members who migrated both to and from the UK (and the US, and France, and... we get about a bit, okay?) and have been happy to share their stories with me, so I've been in a position to compare their anecdotes.

The problems many older British people are surprised by regarding post-Brexit travel are primarily that their black/blue/whatever passport and having the means to travel internationally no longer confer the kind of privilege they once did.

But as they didn't recognise it as a privilege at the time, they're only slowly coming to understand that what they now experience is not discrimination but the simple imposition of a broad and shitty status quo† that now applies to them, as well.

This was brought to mind by seeing @ottocrat's post about Roger Daltrey doing just that:

†Francis Rossi was against Brexit, for the record, and correctly predicted how hard it would make life for touring musicians

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Quando un medico non può prenotare una visita nel pubblico eh pazienza, ma se si blocca la prenotazione intramoenia oh, smuove il mondo.

Che schifo che mi fanno, i medici del mio mi fanno proprio una rabbia e uno schifo assurdo

La carne si comprava da Pietro, il macellaio togliattiano che per anni è stato il fornitore ufficiale del Quirinale, da Ciampi in poi, e che mentre tagliava bistecche dispensava aneddoti sui gusti dei vari presidenti.

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Per chi non lo sapesse a Roma c’è il sindacato di lotta CLAP - Camere del Lavoro Autonomo e Precario, federato con i centri sociali ESC, Communia e Acrobax. Lo sportello per assistenza e consulenze di trova presso l’ESC

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Kazakh is a gender-neutral language, so Google Translate makes some.. interesting assumptions. 🤔

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> The city of Palermo is literally a dumpster fire

And yesterday, I took a deep breath of it its smoke! 😵

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